Harihar Fort

Whats traveling means to you..???

Is it like your "Heart is Pumping Blood at 180km/hr" or Is it like "Sleeping under black sky on the top of  the Mountain & watching infinite white spots" or in between.
 Its all about what you Desire. for me its both, as we need to Balance our Life. we need to travel & Seek For the Wisdom to see the world with different view not in from boundaries of culture, religion, color & language. It is difficult but trust me if we get rid of this boundaries then only we can enjoy Traveling any where.

So i'm going to share some information about selective places may be you know it already may be you didn't.

Harihar Fort.

 I'll just mention specialty of place.

1. Best Trek.

2. Only Mother Nature.

3. Safe to night trek & night camping.

last but not least,

4.Best view from Top.

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