Mumbai To Amritsar :- Solo Journey from City of Dreams to Divine Golden Temple...!!!

Mumbai To Amritsar :- Solo Journey from City of  Dreams to Divine Golden Temple...!!!

People may think why someone will go for solo trip...? What is fun in that..?? Let me tell you my solo Trip Experience.  Why I like to Travel solo.? "It was started in 2013". I asked my friend to come with me for trek to Matheran. He said, "OK". We planned our trek but on planned date my friend ditched me he didn't show up on Railway St., but I wanted to go anyhow, so I continued as per plan. That time I came to know why people do solo trips. Why someone wants to walk all alone in jungle or roads.?
When we walk alone or travel alone our all senses become very alert. We start observing all small details throughout our journey. We start to understand mother nature. As a human it's our psychology  that we feel safe in group but at the same time in group we behave like any other animals. We stop thinking thoroughly, we just start following. But in solo trip one cannot do that least not without checking all possible out comes of the decision.By the way this is what I think.
What it is that making me Travel solo again & again; During my 1st solo trip I realise that one can enjoy a lot  in alone during travelling or trekking. In this situation we start to come-out from our comfort zone. We start to talk unknown people. We  start to observe something else than our self. Mainly it gives a lot of joy to just watch & hear the Mother Nature without disturbing. Now about our Main Topic;

 Mumbai to Amritsar;Solo Journey From City Of Dream to Divine Golden Temple.

Distance :- 1,853 km.(Rail Distance)

How to Reach:-

By Train :-

From Mumbai there is plenty of daily and weekly trains are available for Amritsar some of it is direct to Amritsar some of it is Via Delhi. For travelling solo/group best Train is Goa Sampark Kranti/12449. It takes only 6-7 halts in between Panvel and New Delhi and one can enjoy so many tourist spots by reaching Mathura. It's not official stop on Mathura but one can get down from a train near to Mathura because it takes a stop 1 km before Mathura.
Panvel to New Delhi(Goa Sampark Kranti/12449), New Delhi to Amritsar(12031/New Delhi - Amritsar Shatabdi Express).
Optional Direct Trains - Fastest Train Paschim (dulex) SF Express/12925,Golden Temple Mail/12903,Kochuveli to Amritsar Express 12483 & Mumbai CSMT to Amritsar express/ 11057.

By Road :- 
One can go via NH 48 to reach Amritsar in approx 29 h to 31 h. it is around 1,749 km travelling distance. 

By Flight :- 
There are plenty of flights runs between Mumbai to Amritsar. 

Best Route to Complete this Journey  :- 

Mumbai --> Mathura --> Agra --> New Delhi --> Amritsar. 

Best Places on this route From Mumbai to Amritsar Via Mathura, Agra &  New Delhi. This three Places are one of the busiest  Tourists  spots in India. One can Start with Mathura.

Mathura :-

Mathura is the legendary birth place of the Hindu God, Lord Krishna. This city sees thousands of devotees daily all through year. The twin city of Mathura is Vrindavan. One can stay in Matura 500 Rs/Night  and cover all important visiting places in one day.

  • Shree Krishna Janma Bhomi Mandir.:- Shree Krishna Janma Bhomi Mandir is known for birth place of Hindu deity Lord Krishna who was an 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This God King was born in Prison Cell. This is now occupied by  Shree Krishna Janma Bhomi Mandir which is daily visited by Thousands of tourists. Best time to visit is Janmashtami & Holi which is a prime festival of Mathura.
  • Jama Masjid.:- The Islamic Mosque was built in 1662 AD by the governor of Mughals (Abd-un-Nabi). This Masjid is located near to the Shree Krishna Janma Bhomi. it is excellent example of Mughal era architect. it is visited by devotees to offer a prayer by different places. 
  • Dwarkadish Temple:- this is new temple in ancient city of Mathura. it is built 150 years ago by devotees of Lord Shree Krishna. it is known for fabulous swing festival at the start of rainy season.this one of unique Temple of Lord Krishna in which idol of Lord Krishna is depicted with out the Peacock Feather & The Flute.
  • Govardhan Hill - Govardhan Hillis located near the vrindavan and it is one of the major Pilgrim spot for Vaishnapanth. this hill's history goes back in Lord Shree Krishna's era. in so many ancient books Govardhan Hill text reference comes across when Lord Krishna lifted Govardhan Hill to defeat King of God's Indra. 
Govardhan Hill
  • Bankey Bihari Temple - Bankey Bihari temple is one of the crowded temples of is situated in Vindavan 12 km from Mathura. Bankey means "Bent in three Places " & Bihari Means "Suprim Enjoyer" . this temple is established by Swami Haridas a guru of Pandit Tansen. Idol from this temple is extremely Beautiful one can just lose them self while watching the Lord Krishna's face.

Agra :-

After visiting Holiest place in Hindu religion time to visit Most Beautiful wonder in the world, which in Agra City. Agra is a city of wonder as it has one of seven wonder Taj Mahal. It is exactly as what you heard white like a milk. An Agra has three UNESCO world heritage site  Taj Mahal, Agra Fort & Fatehpur Sikri. An Agra city is when know to all not just because of Taj Mahal is in Agra but also there are many Historical buildings in Agra. One can spend almost 2-3 days in Agra but as I less time with Amritsar as Main Target. I spent only one day in Agra in which i covered Taj Mahal, Agra Fort & Mina Bajar .

Taj Mahal :-

Entry Fee:- 40 Rs./P for Indians & 530 Rs/P for citizens of SAARC & BIMSTEC  countries.
                    1000 Rs/P For other foreigners & Free of cost for Children up to 15 years old.

Entry Gate

The Taj Mahal.

Huge Architectural Wonder

Fine Work In Marble 

Taj Mahal is built between year 1631 to 1648 by order of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his favourite wife. Taj Mahal is the most beautiful  Tomb created in White Marble. Taj Mahal is one of the most preserved & architecturally beautiful tombs in the world. Taj Mahal is also known as Symbol of Love. The Indian poet Rabindranath tagore called it a teardrop on the cheek of eternity, while the English poet Sir Edwin Arnold said it was not a piece of architecture as other buildings are but the proud passions of emperor's love wrought in living stone. It is a celebration of a woman built in marble and that is the way to appreciate it. If you are taking a camera beware  that the Taj Mahal is white your camera may underexpose your photos.

Yamuna River View

Beautiful Marble Floor 

Fine Work In Marble 

Agra Fort :-

Entry Fee :- 40 Rs./P for Indians & citizens of SAARC & BIMSTEC  countries.
                    550 Rs/P For other foreigners & Free of cost for Children up to 15 years old.

Agra fort is near to Gardens of the Taj Mahal  stands the important 16th century Mughal fort also Known as Red fort of the Agra.this fort is built from Red sandstone with in its around 2.5 km long walls, The imperial city of the mughal Rulers. it is construction along with bank of the Yamuna river began by Mughal emperor blend Indian & Central Asian architectural style, a reminder of Mughals Afgani culture's root.

Fatehpur Sikri:-

Entry Fee :- 40 Rs./P for Indians & citizens of SAARC & BIMSTEC  countries.
                    550 Rs/P For other foreigners & Free of cost for Children up to 15 years old.

Fatehpur Sikri is built during the second half of the 16th century by the emperor Akbar. Fatehpur Sikri mean "The city of Victory". it was the capital of Mughal empire for almost 10 years. it includes one of the largest mosques of India the Jama Masjid. Fatehpur Sikri sits on rocky ridge, 3 km in length & 1 km in wide palace city surrounded by 6 km wall on 3 sides & last bordered by lake.

Meena Bazaar Agra :-

Meena Bazaar is special bazaar to sell items to charity & Non- profit is also refer to a number of modern day shopping sell beautiful Saree's made from banana fibers & Bamboo Fibers  also so many Handicarft items one can buy in this market.after  completing shopping in Meena bazaar one has to take bus for New Delhi. it takes around 3-4 hrs to reach New Delhi. I kept New Delhi for some other day to travel as i was so eager to reach Amritsar.

New Delhi:-

In New Delhi there is so many places to visit but in my eagerness to visit Amritsar i visited Only Lotus Temple & INDIA GATE. After visiting these to places i  to my final destination Amritsar the city of Golden Temple. before going to Amritsar little about Lotus Temple & India Gate.

Lotus Temple :-

Lotus Temple

Nearest Metro Station :- Kalkaji Mandir.
Open :- Tue - Sun. ( Closed on Monday ).
Visiting Hours : - 9 am to 5:30 pm.
Entry Fee: - Free
Photography :- Permission Required.

This temple is built in shape of Lotus Flower. it is the last of seven major Bahai's temple built around the is completed in 1986 . this complete structure made up of white marble. the architect
Furiburz shaba Chose the Lotus as symbol of common to Hinduism, Buddhism , Jainism & Islam.Lotus temple is one of those places which brings all religions is best place to mediate & achieve peace with in.

India Gate :-

Nearest Metro Station :- Pragati Maidan.
Visiting Time :- Morning to Night.
Entry Fee :- Free.

As, an Indian I always dream about visiting India Gate. It's standing in the center of New Delhi with  42 m height.India Gate is an "Arch- de- Triomphe" like arch way in the middle of crossroad. it commemorates  the 70000 Indian Soldiers who lost their lives in world war -I fighting for a British  army. Another memorial Amar Jawan Jyoti added much later, after India got its independence.the internal flame burns day & night under the arch to remind  the nation of soldiers who laid down their lives in the Indo-Pak war of December 1971.

Amar Jawan Jyoti 

From here one can go to Chandani Road to take Travels/Bus For Amritsar it takes around 7-8 hrs to reach Amritsar. It is best if you travel at night so one can avoid wasting a day in traveling. In the winter, it gets very cold in North area of India. In Amritsar temperature can go up to 1 degree Celsius so it's better to carry worm cloths.

Amritsar ( The City Of Golden Temple ) :-

The name of city is derives from the pool around the Golden Temple also Known as Harmandir Sahib. It means Holy pool of Nectar (Amrit = elixir & Sar = Sarovar/Lake ). It is Spiritual & Cultural center of Sikh religion. History suggestS that  Guru Amardas purchased the land from emperor Akbar and decided to build a tank at the site. It was completed by Guru Ramdas and also came to be known as Chak Ramdas or guru ka chak. Some of the oldest markets as Guru ka bazar date back to his time.It is believed that the site called ram tirath was maharshi vamlmiki's ashram where Sita gave birth to her twin sons, Lov & Kush. The Gobindarh fort & Ram bagh were built by Maharaja Ranjit sing the founder of the sikh empire. The Jalinvala bagh continues to remind the most struggling movement of India's freedom.


 Best Season to Visit :- November to March.
 Best Places to Visit :

Golden Temple :-

Golden Temple is on of the most important Sikh shrines in the world.  the Golden Temple also Known as Harmandir Sahib. It means Holy pool of Nectar (Amrit = Elixir & Sar = Sarovar/Lake ). It is Spiritual & Cultural centre of Sikh religion. History suggest that  Guru Amardas purchased the land from emperor Akbar and decided to build a tank at the site. It was completed by Guru Ramdas. the Golden Temple is not just Sikh place, it is symbol of  human brotherhood & equality.
The Golden Temple Amritsar India has unique Sikh architecture build at a level lower than surrounding land level. The Gurudvara teaches the lesson of humanity. The four entrance of this holy shrine from all four directions signifies that people belonging to every  faith are equally welcome.
The most interesting  fact about golden temple is its Langar( Mass- Dinner) . The langar at the golden temple serves around 2000,000 people during special religious event & around 100,000  people in a day, and all food serves in this langar is prepare from donations from faithful people. the temple kichen serve food for non-stop  12 hrs.  This entire temple is made up of pure gold. The langar consist simple meal with very good taste.

Morning View :- Golden Temple

Night View :- Golden Temple

Jallianwala Bagh:- 

Every India knows Jallianwal Bagh because in 13 Apr. 1919 British occupying forces massacre  the peaceful celebrators including unarmed women &  children who gather to celebrate Panjabi New year- Baisakhi. public figure says that around 2000 innocent Hindu, Sikh & Muslims who were shot by British bullets ordered by Dyer.
this place is now public garden in Amritsar,  houses a memorial of national importance, established in 1851 by Government of India. there is only one narrow lane entry is available to this vicinity. one can clearly see bullet marks on the wall of the park premises. seeing it can give  you goosebumps.

Jallianwala bagh Memorial 

Wagah - Attari Border :-

Wagah - Attari Border

The border with Pakistan lies 30 kms from Amritsar at Wagah- Attari on the grand trunk road to the Lahore. Specialty of this place is daily flag lowering ceremony held by both sides at sunset. This ceremony is a huge attraction for visitors. It involves some of tallest members of Indian Border Forces & the Pakistani rangers marching & closing gates. It's now become part of tradition for both sides of border. A both sides people gather to watch this ceremony.There is so much to see in Amritsar but I had cover only few points but it was so magnificent. One can enjoy lot in Amritsar top of that one can never feel alone in Amritsar because of Punjabi's. They will call you Bhara/Vire(Brother) & Biba ji ( Sister) or Puttar ( Son).

Indian Border Forces

Famous  Food of Amritsar :-

Langar Da Prasad:-

Langer Da prasad is beaing served in Golden temple Daily for non stop 12 hrs. This Langar consist Dal, Roti , Sabzi & Kheer. this is the largest free kitchen in the world. you will have to wait to devotee finish  their meal then you can seat & have Langar Da Prasad. it is very delicious meal with lots of love.

Amritsari Kulcha :- 

Amritsari kulcha is Indian Maida Bread baked in Tandoor. it is prepared from refined flour it will be not wrong if i say that you have wasted your Amritsar visit if you didn't try the Amritsari Kulcha with cholle with white butter along with sliced onion & tamarind chatny . this dish is popular among both vegetarian & non vegetarian.
 All this in one route its like combo pack of different colors of  INDIA. one can explore to so many different culture, people & food but to enjoy this all you have "To be The Traveller Not a Visitor".

Source :- Experience + Internet.

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