Chopta Tungnath Chandrashila Trek:- Solo Trek Turn into Amazing Group Trip

Chopta Tunganath Chandrashila Trek:- Solo Trek Turn into Amazing Group Trip

Best view of Tunganath Temple
Travelling :- It Leaves you Speechless, And Turns You Into A Storyteller – IBN BATTUTA

"If You Never Go, You Will Never Know"

Ukhimath Road
I prefer Traveling Solo, so this time also I started Solo From Mumbai. My Plan was last minutes plan but I have waited for 5 to 6 months for long travel. Traveling route was easy Mumbai to Delhi, Delhi to Rishikesh, Rishikesh to Chopta. Well that’s what I was thinking till Reaching Rishikesh.
But in reality it was Mumbai to Delhi, Delhi to Rishikesh, Rishikesh to Shrinagar, Shrinagar to Rudraprayag, Rudraprayag to Kund, Kund to Ukhimath, Ukhimath to Chopta.   I stayed in Shirnagar for a night then started remaining journey at next morning. Traveling after Rishikesh is kind of hectic but seneries  is the best I have ever seen,  mountains and road running along river. At the night of full moon it get best of it like sky is so bright full moon & stars, you can see mountains and small lake in between mountains reflecting light moon it was amazing.
I travel till Rudraprayag Solo. Then I meet 3 friends group (Sanjay, Rakesh P. Rakesh J.) and Laksya from Delhi. After that we travel in group has blast of enjoyment. So from where I should start ?

Babaji Group
Area :- Garhwal Himalayas
Duration :- 4 days – 5 days
Best Season :- March – June and September –December
Grade:- Easy
Altitude:- 4090 Meters
Total Trekking :- 30 K.M
How to Reach:-
Reach Chopta By Air 
The Jolly Grant Airport, which lies in the city of Dehradun, is the closest air link from Chopta. You'll find regular flights flying from Delhi (India's capital) to the domestic airport of Dehradun. After arrival at airport, you can hire a cab to cover a distance of around 226 km and reach the hill station of Chopta.

Morning View

Reach Chopta By Rail (By Train)
Rishikesh lies at a distance of around 200 km from Chopta. It's, therefore, the nearest rail way station. There are regular express trains running to the town from different tourist destinations of the country. You can first catch a train to Rishikesh and then cover the remaining distance by road.
Reach Chopta By Road (By Bus)

Listen to the Rhythm of Falling Rain.
Mumbai to Delhi, Delhi to Rishikesh, Rishikesh to Shrinagar, Shrinagar to Rudraprayag, Rudraprayag to Kund, Kund to Ukhimath, Ukhimath to Chopta.
Things to do and places to see in Chopta Region:-
Trek to Devariyatal (2.5 kms from Sari Village )
Trek to Tunganath  and Chandrashila ( From Chopta)
Visit Tunganath Temple ( one of the Panch Kedar Shrines)
Ukhimath ( Winter Home of Lord Kedaernath)
Mukkumath ( Winter home of  LoRD Tunganath)
Kartikswami Temple ( 108 kms via Rudraprayag, 3 kms trek from Kanakchauri)
Snow capped Himalayan Peaks : Nanda Devi at 7817 Meters, Trishul at 7120 Meters, Kedarnath at 6831 Meters, Bandarpunch at 6316 Meters and Chaukhamba at 7138 Meters.
Chopta –Tunganath – Chandrashil Trek
Chopta is located Garhwal region of Uttarakhand and lies on the Ukhimath – Chamoli – Gopeshwar Road. There is 2 Chopta in uttarakhand so people who are relining on Google map should go for Chopta near Ukhimath. Distance of Chopta from Haridwar is 225km. People who are traveling by public transport should be aware that there is no transport during night from Rishikesh to Chopta plan your trip according.

Rakesh From Delhi
Chopta :- Popularly Know as ‘Mini Switzarland’ among travelers, chopta is a hill station in the mountains of uttarakhand. Chopta is located at an altitude of approx 2650M. Chopta is small region of meadows and evergreen forest area which is a part of kedarnath wildlife sanctuary located in Uttarakhand state, India. Chopta is known as a base for trekking to Tunganath, third Temple of Panch Kedar. Chopta is the epicenter of all Panch Kedars (Famous Shiva Temple), two on left sides ( Kedarnath and Madmaheshvar) and 2 on right side ( Rudranath and Kalpeshawar) and one at the top of chopta ( Tunganath), Which is one of the Highest Shiva Temple in the world.

Morning View

Morning View
Once you reach Chopta you can take necessary Things like Rubber shoes or Rain coats Sticks hand gloves for trek.some times you have to pay entry fee  to go for Tunganath – Chandrashila Trek. Trek start with Stone stairs and outstanding mountain view after 15-20 min Trek.
In Winter all this area is get covered in Snow. I was visited in April still there was snow in area Freezing Rain was pouring after every 30-40 minutes. It was very cold yet we didn’t wanted to stop so many people was returning due to heavy Freezing Rain, Fog and wind. But me and my Trek buddy from Delhi Rakesh Didn’t Stop, We wanted to reach Tunganath, wanted to see temple.

Late Evening View
 I was wondering whole trek how it will be when I reach top ? Because for 1st time in my life was Trekking in Himalayan region. Mostly I have Trekked in Sahyadri Region so I had Zero Experience for Snow Trek. And Trust me it is hard to walk in Freezing Rain on Hard ice. Its like Mother Nature is testing you before Showing you Magnificent sites of her. You will be scared same time you will Tempted to carry on.  I was fall for 3-4 time during trek , one time was about to fall in ice valley but thanks to metal bars at the edge  I was able to control my speed but hey you need Adrenaline Rush to enjoy Adventure same time you need to be careful. After 2 Hrs trek all other people was return to Chopta Base camp because visibility of Tunganath area was Very low.

Tunganath Temple

Tunganath Trek Route

Break Time

Little Ganesha Temple


Trek Buddy

Little Ganesha Temple
We were going to Tunganath. At the one point we thought to go back but we couldn’t, we waited and fog cleared after some time and we were 5 min away from Tunganath Temple it was spiritual experience. We started running toward the Temple shouting “Bham Bham Bhole”.

Snow Chadar.
We reached at temple, the temple was closed and locked because every Temple from pancha kedarnath opens only around May to November 1st week. In Winter season it gets closed & locked down as this area sees heavy snow fall in winter season. So we spend around 1-2 hours at temple area after that we decided to go down. I wanted to stay there but i had only one sleeping bag and my tent was with those three who couldn’t make till we went back but till that time it was already around 7 PM. It was dark when we started walking towards chopta. In trek like these you always carry essential things like Torch, First Aid, Water, Chocolate bars, and sleeping bag so if you get stuck for night you won’t have to worry.
We reached at base camp chopta around 9 -9:30 pm. Till then others threes have booked room for all of us it was around 500-700 Rs per head. We had dinner then food is normal you can eat it not much fancy not much bad. You will have veg - non Veg option, price is little high but acceptable as we are getting food there and there is no other alternative for it.
Now those three who didn’t make it till temple on 1st day started saying they want to go in morning again because we were literally told them story about how things were there how we found temple. Although it was there all time and we couldn’t see. So finally we decided to go back again in morning. I also wanted to go back because yesterday we couldn’t complete trek till Chandrashilla. So we had fun till midnight we rolling and laughing it was amazing because most of us was stranger we didn’t know each other but we had fun like any thing.
Next morning we left around 6AM it was very chilly morning temperature was around 0℃.

Harden Snow Due to Night Rain.

Mother Nature

Sun shine in Snow Mountain

Moon In background

Trek Buddy

View From In-between Canteen.

View Around Tunganath Temple

Between Snow & Sky.
It was very pleasant morning moon was about say goodbye for a day, Sun was come about to take over on day shift. Second day trek was hard, because of last night rain was harden and we were unable to walk on it. Still we went to Tunganath I fall two three times and got minor injury but it was worth it.

In morning we completed trek till Tunganath Temple an then started to trek for Chandrashilla unfortunately we couldn’t completed it due to lack of experience. Trek Was almost 70 to 75 degree angle. It was educational. I will say that incomplete trek kept me going for every time.

Last Point Still waiting for me....
I promise my self I will learn how to trek in snow after that. Overall experience of trek was good. We went down and started our return journey. Return journey was like Chopta - Ukhimath- Rishikesh-Hardwar- Delhi- Mumbai.
I had so much fun also made so much fun. Life is always like this its not that you will have to complete in Frist try what is important is never giving up. Well after this trek I have completed Kedarkanth Trek that story for next time.
Bham Bham Bhole…!!!

On the Date With Mountains.....

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