Kolhapur is a city situated in the southwest part of the state of Maharashtra, India. Kolhapur serves as the headquarters of the Kolhapur district. Before Independence, it was a 19 gun salute princely state ruled by the Bhosale Chhatrapatis of the Maratha Empire. Kolhapur assumes a place amongst the cities having highest per capita income in the country and it’s one of the fastest growing cities in Maharashtra.The survey conducted in 2011-12 clearly showed that kolhapur district has per capita income (yearly) of Rs.1,01,044 which is 5 th highest in Maharashtra state and there has been an increase of Rs.17,000 as compared to the earlier survey conducted in year 2010-11. ‘Kolhapur’ is the fourth city in the Maharashtra state after Mumbai, Pune and Nashik where Maharashtra State government has allowed to construct high rise buildings up to 35 meters taking into consideration the rapid urbanization and tremendous growth of this city.

Kolhapur is known as ‘dakshin (south) kashi’, ‘historical capital of Maharashtra state’, ‘door of konkan’ as well as ‘city of wrestlers ‘ and ‘city of arts’. It is also known as a ‘city of palaces and temples’. Kolhapur is situated on the banks of the river Panchganga and is the location of the Temple of Mahalakshmi, a Hindu goddess.Kolhapur Statistics The physical setting of the Kolhapur district is divided into three main parts namely Eastern ranges, Central ranges and Southern ranges. Eastern and Central ranges have black soil formed from ‘lava’ and at some places it has large tracks of fertile land. The western ranges are mostly hilly and have red soil. The majority area in the west is under thick forest coverage.


Mostly Cloudy

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Feels like: 88°F
Wind: 8mph W
Humidity: 74%
Pressure: 29.82"Hg
UV index: 11




Kolhapur is well known for its textiles and cottons, in particular Kolhapuri saris. But it is of course most famous for its jewellery and leather sandals or the famous Kolhapuri chappals. You could easily get five pairs of sandals for less than Rs. 500. The jewellery from Kolhapur is known to dazzle the beholder and is beautifully crafted with delicate embossing and workmanship.

Mahadwar and Shivaji Roads are good places to shop for authentic kolhapur items. You can find a good variety of Kolhapuri chappals and other leather goods on Bhausinji Road. There are a few good buys around the bus station in the Rajarampuri area.

Shopping Speciality –Kolhapuri Chappals (footwear)
The age old Leather and Footwear Industry in Kolhapur is a unique identity of Kolhapur in India. Apart from exporting Leather raw material in a big way, the traditional Chappals made here have a unique ethnic look and have been equally popular in India and abroad. These Chappals are still mainly prepared by hand, which helps them retain their unique appearance. Places like Kapashi, Kurundwad and Airoli in Kolhapur district have roughly 500-700 Small and Large scale Industries where these Chappals are manufactured. You would not want to leave kolhapur without buying a pair of these famous chappals!

Silver Jewellery Art:
Another town, Hupri, which is situated just 16-km away from Kolhapur is a place where people are skilled in the art of making Jewellery and show items out of Silver. This traditional business has expanded throughout the Maharashtra State and notably through entire India, Nepal, Belgium, Romania and America.

What to Buy:
Kolhapuri chappals for all, from adults to children.
Kolhapuri jaggery (gul) for all, as a substitute to sugar.
Kolhapuri kakavi (liquid jaggery) for all.
Kolhapuri Masalas and ready to serve gravies, preparations.
Kolhapuri Saaj a special jewellery item.

Kolhapur is a haven for connoisseurs of good food. The Maharashtrianthali is always a food lover’s delight. In addition, Kolhapur is famous for its spicy hot food and almost all preparations are cooked with Sankeshwari or Lavangi chillies. For first-timers, it is advisable to go easy on the chillies! Local delicacies include misal (a mixture of cooked pulses) and mutton rassa (gravy). Also taste the rich, creamy milk from Kolhapur and the delicious jaggery and semi-solid hot kakavi which is processed sugarcane juice.
The restaurants are situated around the bus stand area, and in the evening dozens of stalls set up there too with mouth-watering snacks.

How To Reach


Kolhapur has a domestic airport at Ujalaiwadi, 9 km South-east from the city. Its sole regular service to Mumbai by Kingfisher Airlines ceased in November 2011 when the airline pulled out of several towns like Kolhapur due to its financial crisis.


Kolhapur railway station known as Chattrapati Shahu Maharaj Terminus is connected to major Indian cities like Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Solapur, Nagpur, Tirupati, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Dhanbad through express trains. There are daily passenger shuttle services between Kolhapur and Miraj.


Kolhapur is connected to Mumbai to the north and Bengaluru to the south by National Highway 4 which is further extended to Chennai. The city is one of the primary destinations on this highway and a major link city from NH-4 to Konkan and Goa. Kolhapur has three state transport bus stands namely Central Bus Stand (CBS), Rankala Bus Stand & Sambhajinagar Bus Stand.
Local mode of transport includes bus service by Kolhapur Municipal Transport (KMT) which covers all routes inside the city. For quick transport Auto Rikshaw is popular mode of transport.

Local transport:

The Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) and numerous other private bus operators provide bus service connecting the city to all parts of the state. (MSRTC) also operates an intra-city bus service called ‘Aurangabad City Bus’ which connects different parts of the city together along with connecting the city to its nearby suburbs.


Kolhapuri Kusti:

Wrestlers of Kolhapur are famous around the world. This land is enriched with many qualities. Among them wrestling is one of the games. Young rural boys enroll in wrestling arena. They are trained by Masters which are called as “Vastad”. There is a great convention of this wrestling arena. More than 40 wrestling arenas called as Talims are functioning in the city.

Chhatrpati’s of Kolhapur gave patronship to many such institutions. Now a days many of these training activities are growing up. State Government has also given a wider scope to these activities. A Government aided wrestling training camp is also situated at Kolhapur. Corporate sector and charitable trusts and some noble persons offer scholarships for wrestlers and the training activities. Apart from this various competitions are conducted every year in which the wrestlers participate and win huge sum of money as well as name for the “Talim” they belong to. Khasbhag Maidan is famous for hosting such Kusti Matches at Home, District and Zonal Level as well. This ancient sport is still preserved in heart of Kolhapur.


Lavani is a special type of presentation which comprises of Traditional Classical Dance and Typical Songs. This can be termed as a folk dance of old Kolhapur. Later Kings and Rulers used to entertain themselves with this type of singing and dancing. It is a special type of art which is now preserved through some families and groups only.

Often stage shows happen in and around Kolhapur to keep the spirit of Kolhapuri Tradition alive. Ladies performing Lavani dress beautifully with NAV WARI SAREE (a saree longer than usual) and wear heavy ethic jewellery. They present a typical body language difficult to imitate but easy to relate with the ongoing performance. Usually the whole of show is based on a particular theme and all the artist blend into the theme so beautifully that it becomes an ever lasting memory for the audience.


Apsara Cinema Theatres
Raviwar Peth, Nr Khadim Showroom Teen Batt, Kolhapur – 416002 (91)-(231)-2676928

Ayodhya Chitra Mandir Theatres
Laxmipur, Kolhapur – 416001 (91)-(231)-2644242

Dhairyaprasad Sanskrutik Bhavan Theatre
Tarabai Park, 31-K/1-A Ward, Kolhapur – 416012 (91)-(0231)-6517387

Padma Cinema Theatre
Laxmipuri, 1550-C, Subhash Road, Kolhapur – 416002 (91)-(231)-2642463, 6517339 1550

Parvati Multiplex Theatre
Shivaji Udyam Nagar, Kolhapur – 416008 0231 265 0256

Prabat Cinema Theatre
Laxmipuri, Behind Police Stn, Kolhapur – 416002 (91)-(231)-2641059

Royal Cinema Theatre
Laxmipuri, Kolhapur – 416002

Sarswathi Cinema Theatre
Mahadwar , Near Mahalaxmi Temple, Tarabai Road, Kolhapur – 416012

Urmila Cinema Theatre
Mahadwar , Near Mahalaxmi Temple, Tarabai Road, Kolhapur – 416012

Venus Theatre
Shahupuri, Kolhapur – 416002 0231 265 6735


Canine Club
Rajendranagar, Plot No. 56, Saiprasad, Near Buds School, Kolhapur – 416012 91-231-2692090

Gayan Samaj Deval Club
Khasbag, 1078 & 1081 B Ward, Kolhapur – 416012 (0231) 2640466, 2641874.

Kent Club
Sadale Madale, Pune-Bangalore Road, Kolhapur – 416001 0231-2330187

Rajaramian Club
Mangalwar Peth, Kasbaug Road, Kolhapur – 416002

Residency Club
New Palace, Tarabai Park, Kolhapur – 416003 0231-2651477, 2661423

Rotary Club
Rotary Samaj Seva Kendra, Near Collector Office, Kolhapur – 416001 91-231-2651444

Uma Cinema
Azad Chowk, Kolhapur – 416001 (91)-(231)-26408

Where to stay

Hotels in Kolhapur:

Hotel Vrishali Executive :
4-star Hotel in Kolhapur who has victoriously hosted a stay for many great personalities and guests.

Hotel Rasika Renaissance :
Hotel Rasika Renaissance is far different from many other Luxurious hotel in kolhapur. This hotel is just on a 3 min walking distance from the bus stand and hotel in kolhapur near railway station.

Hotel Chaitali :
Hotel Chaitali is best 3 star hotel in kolhapur offers smart and spacious rooms that not only cater to your comfort but also to your business needs.

Hotel Park Inn :
Kolhapur hotel Park Inn is committed to offer the guests with high level of quality, reliability and hospitality, thus making it an ideal choice for both business and leisure travelers alike.

Hotel Classic Midtown :
Best luxury hotel in Kolhapur. As the name suggest, it is really located in the center of the city. hotel in kolhapur near mahalaxmi temple

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