Top 4 Things You Should Know Before Going for Night Trekking

Night trekking

Top 4 Things You Should Know Before Going for Night Trekking

About Night Trekking

Night trekking is something where you see the lightning world. Yes, it is something that you experience with peace. This is the only time where you witness a crowd-free mountain. Stargazing, camping under lightning stars, bonfire, and the soothing sound of the fireflies is all that you can expect from the night trek. Sometimes you may want to see a different perspective of scenery or someone may want to stay away from the summer heat, these are some of the reasons to trek in the night. Green mountains which is also a hub of biodiversity, many people prefer to stay here in the nighttime. Many flora and fauna can be seen in the daytime. One of the surprising things is blooming fireflies in the nighttime. Yes, you heard me right; just before the monsoon arrives, the tiny bioluminescence begins to sparkle and shine to emit a glow in the night. This is the peculiarity of the night trekking. Some of my favorite night trekking places are Prabalgad, Rajmachi, Harishchandragad at Bhadardara, and Dhak Bahiri from Maharashtra, India.

Mode of Travel for Night Trekking

If you are planning to hike in the night then one must manage to reach before sunset. The mountains being situated close to the villages and far from the main road, there is very little connectivity in the nighttime. If you manage to reach the base village of your destination, it will also help you to start your trek early in the night. Another option is to camp at the base and start early in the morning to witness the mesmerizing glow of the sunrise. Some of them also prefers to camp in night and starts their walk early morning.

It is always preferable to travel in your own vehicle at the night. It is not only time-consuming but, it will have the flexibility to reach as per your convenient time. There might be chances of not getting the public transport in late night.


How to Prepare for the Night Trekking

Go Where You Will Feel Safe

The night is not a time to seek an adventure on new land. You will prefer to travel in the night to the place where you have been earlier, right? Few may think what is the fun to visit the place you have been to earlier? Let me tell you all, it is an all-new experience together and there are always new things to learn and new things to explore. Seeing your favorite trail under the moonlight is just a whole new experience. You have been here earlier and this is why you know everything about this place safety because, in the end, you should be safe. You can also get to explore universal stars. You know the safe place to camp, you know the human trail to follow up to your destination and you also know the time taken to reach the summit point of your destination.  

Night Trekking
Night view that offers in the night trekking

Go in a Group

It is said that you are safe when you are in a large group. True, right? Some of you might have been to the place before but, the future cannot be predictable. As you are hiking to a mountain, sometimes the trail passes through the forest area where you are not safe. The wild animal can catch you in dark. The more people with you, the more you will feel safe compare to solo trekking. If anything happens, there are people around you to save you. Going in a large group can also help to reduce the traveling cost. If you are planning solo then you can hike in the daytime. 

Night Trekking
Night trekking also gives you camping experience with bonfire

Carry Proper Hiking Gears

Yes, this is must need while trekking in the dark. The gears include a head torch or normal torch, trekking pole, proper hiking bag, tent, and sleeping bag. Carry the light that has maximum illumination to guide you in the dark. You can use this high illumination light when required otherwise moonlight can support you at some of the places. A proper sleeping bag and tent will make you more comfortable while sleeping. A good grip of shoes is the only option to walk for a long time. This can give some relaxation to your feet. Carry light-weight clothes to climb up. You can also add insulator bottle in your list.

Night Trekking
Carry at least 30 litter of bagpack for one day hike

Carry Enough Food and Water

Even though the climate is cooler at the night, you may feel dehydrated throughout the trek, and at some places, the climate is most humid amongst other sipping water can help you to stay rehydrated in the entire trek. Carry one such snack that can recover your lost energy in terms of glucose level. Some of the options are chocolates, dry fruits, glucose, and some fruits. You may hardly find any option to buy food at night, so carry extra food in bagpack. Try not to throw the discard anywhere.


Things to Know Before you Go For Night Trek

  • Always make a proper planning of your destination and take proper information before you go.
  • Carry your own tent and sleeping bag to get a good amount of quality sleep.
  • Avoid wearing shorts on the trek due to safety purposes.
  • Be aware of the snakes and night insects.
  • Always carry enough cash in your pocket in case of emergency.
  • Start trekking in the late evening or early morning from the base.
  • Never ever miss the opportunity to witness the beauty of the rising sun.
  • Try not to litter the area around you.


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